Picking up those brushes again.

Hi and welcome to the occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time gamer. Gaming and model making has given me a real education, History & Geography(obvious really), Artistry, Politics, Economics, Logistics, Project Management -you try building miniature armies without the last 3.

I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 20 November 2017

ACW - Union infantry and the table

A decent bit of progress made last week . I completed the union infantry brigade I had on the paint desk. It will see its first battle this coming weekend as guys from the Old Guard club give the game a run out at the Battleground Show.

I do like the mass effect that is possible  10mm- the brigade marches to battle 

I made some rocky outcrop terrain pieces from cork sections this week too, along with finishing the last of the trees to add to the table - takes it up to 200 of them altogether.

I just need to get my 3 limber teams done this week
Another plus to the 10mm is they make this kind of thing economically viable!

I have some Confederate troops on order from Pendraken to pick up this week to start with the opposition. I will be mostly finding someone to paint them I think as the old eyes are not holding up so good with them. So much so I have had to resort to using some magnification.

A 2x magnification Optivisor
I have previously tried a magnifying lamp but I could not get away with that. The Optivisor is comfortable to wear , not too heavy and it is making a real difference. For now I only need it for 10mm , reading glasses are fine for any larger figures or terrain.

a view through the visor ..

This week has also seen work on Curt's Stradiots - with all the fiddly bits now completed , namely the shields, hats and faces .. just the main clothing parts and highlights left to do,

The last of the paint table lurkers!

The clock is ticking down to the launch of the winter challenge... stand by your camels!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Time to prep... winters coming..

My peak painting production time is fast approaching - I have been stocking up on lead and mdf over the summer , so I have made a start on going through it , just to see if there are any extra bits required. I will be at the Battleground show in Stockton on Tees later this month with a small shopping list !

I intend to take the Sudan project to its final phases - ok it will never actually finish but all the major items will be done. I have some key Imperial units left to do and a significant uplift to the Egyptians and Sudanese army units. Well with 3 x7 litre boxes of lead there is still a lot to do.

There are some interesting mdf kits in the to do list

A bunch of resin items to add to the river options 

and I have a pretty good stock of bases , but you can be sure I will need some of some sizes I don't have  

Oh and another whole new project in the wings .. back to tanks!

As for other bits on the go ...I am working on clearing the desk of 10mm ACW terrain and Union infantry , and some 28mm Stradiots for the Snowlord. They are getting there, starting to get some nice colour on them 

Its going to be busy!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

We Will Remember Them

Tyne Cot Cemetery - November 6th 2017

This last week Mrs D and I spent a couple of days in Ypres and we revisited the the Passchendaele area - its 100 years since that gruesome battle. We also took in once again the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate.

On Monday we had the large cemetery at Tyne Cot to ourselves - it was early on bright morning and we were able to pay our respects. 

With over 12000 graves and 34000 memorial names to those with no known grave it really is a "Silent City"

As November the 6th was 100 years to the day of the final attack of the Canadian 2nd Division into the centre of the village of Passchendaele we made our way a few minutes up the ridge to the village.

The new Canadian memorial due to be unvieled- looking toward the Church in the village - the line of the last attack

100 years to the day - Not Forgotten

I stood in front on the graves of men killed exactly 100 years ago - I wondered did their relatives ever  get chance to visit from their far away shores? Perhaps they could take comfort that someone  was there to remember. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Crisis visit - part 2 The Games

There were lots of different games last weekend. I spent the first hour wandering around taking in the spectacle - and drawing inspiration. So here are some the items that caught my eye.

Loved the baloon in this Congo game

3d Print Arnhem 1944

Loved the buildings
Nice trees... 
The peat ship of Breda game - cracking modelling

30 Corps break outing large scale! 

Modern special forces - Spectre
Gangster! Chicago Way
18th Century game - great model making

Flying machines!
The massive fantasy game - some amount of work

Its really got me thinking about doing a game next year...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Crisis visit - part 1

Last weekend saw a visit to the Crisis show in Antwerp. Its been on my wish list for years to attend and as it will probably be impacted in some way in the  future due to the Brexit machinations (whichever side of fence you are one - I can't see making business for small gaming companies low impact , being high on the priority list for HMG or the EU) I thought its time to visit. Mrs D and I decided to mix the visit to Antwerp into a full weeks break with us staying in Ghent and Ypres too.

The first bonus was that there was to be a number of the challengers from the AHPC along as well as the Grande Fromage himself - Curt and Lady Sarah were over from Canada too. I met up with a number of the guys on Friday evening and sank a Duvel or 3 or maybe 4 ish...

From left to right: Me, RobP (behind), ChristopherS, JakeK, Jerry Miller and his wife Christine, Nick, Curt and MikeF
Photo credit from Curt
There was various challenge talk , side duels and good old general war-games chit chat. The Camel themed bonus round I lobbied for I am sure will be fun for everyone.

This looks like the right place!
Even 30 mins after opening it was still queued .. but it did move swiftly enough

I met a number of acquaintances in the queue , Colin from Carry on Up the Dale , and Edzard from Miniature Modelling Mayhem - before long I was in.

There was serious eye candy and plenty of different traders not found on the UK scene - oh and it was busy! 

I soon met up with some of the boys where - it was great to meet Stefan Ko - we managed to lure him from his game for far too long !

Curt ,Chris , Nick , Stefan and Sidney
We were also joined by Sander and his young son Arthur who was on roving reporter duties - you can see his report here 

Stefans group NWF game was a real eye catcher - well done guys

I had a good chat with Stefan - thanks for the beer too! Photo Courtesy of Curt

Another favourite was a Sudan themed game

After a whizz around the games for inspiration (will post more pics on next post) I went in search of shiny...

Couple of interesting merchant houses to add tot he collection
These were by More Terrain from Germany - nice stuff 
Ruin bits - just cause I liked em

Top up of flags from Flag Dude 

Few bits from Ainsty 

Bases from Warbases

the freebie with entry - if any one wants it let me know

A brilliant gift from Sander - full of great photos and potential ideas  - thanks very much
I soon ran out of cash - and found few of the smaller European traders were taking card - and then frustratingly the nearest cash machine was a decent walk away. Given the weather had turned and rain had set in , I  declined the top up option - and made a note of a number of other items to order on line over the next week or two.

Overall it was a very good show , maybe a few too many resellers -or people selling the same thing , but there were some very interesting non uk suppliers discovered. I will certainly be back - I would prefer this to Salute any day. Now if I can rope some guys in maybe we can put on a game...

Work in hand


No more than 3 things on the PAINTING table at once. Nothing new added until something is finished.

PREPARATION work is done when I don't fancy detail painting. Cleaning up, converting, undercoating etc.

PLANNING is expressions of interest or things that have inspired me to be created with no definite timescale as yet.

10mm ACW, 28mm Stradiots

On the PREPATION table.
ACW Terrain, Egyptian and Sudanese troops for the Sudan

Death in the Dark continent stuff
Pulp Alley